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[Microsoft Sites]
PowerShell Home Page
Take Command with the Exchange Management Shell
PowerShell FAQ
Official MS PowerShell Forum
Script Center: Powershell

[Industry Sites]
http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/powershell/index.htm - Good introduction to Powershell

[Blog Sites]

Official MS PowerShell Blog Site
The PowerShell Guy
Abhishek's PowerShell Blog

[Script Sites]
ResKit's PowerShell Script Center

[User Suggested Sites]
A PowerShell Script Blog Site
A Visual PowerShell IDE Tool

[Misc Sites]
PowerGUI - Graphical frontend for PowerShell
Scott Hanselman & Jeffrey Snover Discuss Windows PowerShell - Video Chat from Channel9.msdn.com
Bill Staples and Jeffrey Snover Discuss IIS7 management with PowerShell -  Video Chat from Channel9.msdn.com