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Activate pdf search in Sharepoint Foundation 2010
Hye !Here is my powershell script to automatically activate PDF search for Foundation 2010.This Powershell script is based on following KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2518465First step is to install PDF Ifilter you will find at : http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail

Activating an Entity Extractor
This is a script that will activate an entity extractor such as wholewordsextractor1

Add new MIME type - open PDF files directly in browser
Unable to open PDF/HTML/XML files directly in browser in SharePoint 2010? Default configuration of SharePoint 2010 does not consider PDF documents safe for displaying in the browser.This script adds new MIME type to "AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes" property list of defined Shar

Add, Install and Enable Sharepoint 2010 feature


Addings claimstypes to SharePoint 2010 with Powershell
Adding Email and Role claimstypes to SharePoint 2010 for use with AD FS 2.0 via Powershell

Auto Create External Lists for Each ECTs contained within a specific BCS model
This script can be utilized to automatically creates external lists in specified Site for each External Content Types defined in a specific Business Connectivity Services Model, avoids having to manually create external lists in each site.  Script checks to see SpecificFinder met

Automated Farm level Solution Deployment and Retraction


Bulk Site Collection Creation by Importing CSV file
Import and create hundreds of site collections at one time.

Change Browser File Handling for all document libraries and lists


Change SharePoint Web Application Pool
 SharePoint does not provide a way to change the WebApplication Application Pools throught the GUI. The only way to do it is through the object model and IIS (which is not supported)This script will change a Web Applications Application Pool.Use this script to delete unused Appli

Check in all documents in a document library
 This script will check in all documents in a document library. We used this as our scanner software is not able to check in documents. This script can be ran as a windows task and schedualed to run daily.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

Check Service Application and Proxies setup in PartitionMode
Check service application and proxies setup in partitionmode for multitenancy

Configure a Database Mirroring Failover Partner
This script configures the database mirroring failover partner on every database in the SharePoint 2010 Farm.

Configure Core Infra for Multi-Tenant Scenario
This script configures the base sharepoint requirements for a multi-tenant sceanrio

Configure cross farm service application federation
This script can be used to configure cross farm service application federation, please see comments in script for instructions

Configure Secure Store Service using PowerShell
Want to automate SSS configuration, leverage this script

Configure the Subscription Settings Service Instance, Service App & Proxy
Starts the Subscription Settings Service Machine Instance and creates a new Subscription Settings Service Application and Connection (Proxy). The first step to configuring a Multi-Tenant SP2010 Environment

Count and remove all Content Editor Web Parts in a SharePoint Site Collection




Create a custom full text index
Creates a custom full text indexUses default index as template and maps old and new managed properties with existing or new importance level into the new full text index.Modify parameters in main section to use your managed properties and namesVerify creation of the new full text

Create a FAST Managed/Crawled Property
  This script needs to be run in the FAST Management Shell. It will create a Managed Property Mapping with the provided Crawled Property. If the crawled property does not exist, it will also be created. It also allows you to enable or disable the Managed Properties Sortable and R

Create a new Multi-Tenant Managed Metadata Service App and configure Ctype pub.
Create a new Multi-Tenant (Partitioned) Managed Metadata Service App and configure Content Type Publishing Hub.

Create all Paritioned Service Apps and start Service Instances
This script creates all paritioned Service Applications and starts thier related Service Instances for a multi-tenant farm.

Create and tune a custom rank profile for fastsearch


Create Custom Entity Extraction Dictionary from SharePoint List
This script file will create an Custom Entity Extraction dictionary file which is the specific XML format that can be uploaded with the Add-FastSearchResource cmdlet. This script is based on Keenan's cool one (http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/15f58a4a-42e5-44b8-b

Create Custom List Item
This script creates list item on your custom list

Create Feature Packs for SharePoint SKUs
This script creates Feature Packs for each of the SharePoint SKUs for use with Site Subscriptions.

Create new Feature Pack, add Web Parts to it, associate with Subscription
Create a new Feature Pack, add Search Web Parts to it, associate with Subscription

Create new Subscription, Tenant Admin and Member Site
Creates a new Site Subscription, then creates a Tenant Admin site and a Member site in that Subscription

Create Sharepoint 2007/2010 Content Source


Create Sharepoint List and Fields
This script creates new Sharepoint list from Custom List Template and creates a custom column called "TestColumn"

Create Site Collection
This script creates site collection for given parameters. Firstly script checks if the site collection is already exist. If exists, delete it and recreate.

Create Site Collection in New Content Database
In STSADM we had createsiteinnewdb. However, in PowerShell with SharePoint 2010 there is no equivalent command. Therefore, I put together a script that will prompt for server name, database name, site collection, owners and some other parameters to mimic this process. The script

Creating Dictionary Files for Entity Extractors from a SharePoint List
This script file will create an XML dictionary file that can be uploaded with the Add-FastSearchResource cmdlet

Creating Secure Store Target Application
DescriptionThis script automates creation of a new secure store target application, default uses Group for application type and uses windows credentials for fields, Script takes following parameterssecureStoreProxyName = Specify Name of Secure Store ProxytargetApplicationName = N

Delete a SharePoint Web Application Pool


Delete Site Collection
This script deletes site collection from your web application

Display SharePoint 2007/2010 Site Collection Administrators
This script displays all SharePoint site collection administrators within a given web application. User is prompted for site url if none is given.

Download blobs from content database
This script can be utilized if you want to download blobs from the content database directly on to file system. Script accepts following parameters$SiteUrl = Url of the sharepoint site$ListName = Name of the library$Output = Output directory where the blobs should be downloaded f

Download SharePoint 2010 Pre-Requisites


Enables or disables extraction of persons (Property Extraction)


Exchange trust certificates between farms
The scripts automates most of the steps required to exchange trust certificates between farms. Requires access to the c$ share of the other farm.

Export FAST Keywords and User Contexts from SharePoint 2010 to CSV
Exports FAST Keywords and User Contexts from SharePoint 2010 to csv files. Output is consumable by "Import Sharepoint 2010 Keywords and Contexts from CSV" PowerShell script.

Export Managed/Crawled Properties from Enterprise Search
 This script will export Managed and Crawled Properties from SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search. I have used this during our migration to FAST Enterprise Search. This script will need be used along with my import scripts. The link to those is below. This script needs to be used wi

Export SharePoint 2007 keywords to CSV
This script exports SharePoint 2007 keywords, synonyms, and best bets to csv files

Export SharePoint 2010 keywords to CSV
This script exports SharePoint 2010 keywords, synonyms, and best bets to csv files

Export SharePoint Enterprise Crawler Settings
Export the SharePoint Enterprise Crawler Settings from a Service Application. Will export Content Source, Crawl Rule and File Extension settings to an XML file.

FAST Farm version of nctrl






Fix for 'Load control template... TaxonomyPicker.ascx"
A simple Powershell script to quickly implement the fix recommended by http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2481844 (SharePoint 2010: Error 7043 "Load control template file /_controltemplates/TaxonomyPicker.ascx failed").

Forcing running of SP Admin Jobs
Forcing running of SP Admin jobs

FS4SP ranklog parser


Full SharePoint Farm Backup with File Rotation
Performs scheduled full farm backups of SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 farms. It runs a Full backup on a weekly basis, and incremental backups on all other days. It should be configured as a daily scheduled task. It will also delete older backups to conserve space.

Fully configure Host Header for new Web Application with PowerShell
Using host header allows you to make more easier using SharePoint for end-user. They just need to use friendly URL instead of remembering port number of URL. The PowerShell allows you to do that.

Generate SharePoint 2010 Sitemap XML for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This script can help to generate sitemap.xml for a sharepoint 2010 website.

Generate SharePoint 2010 Sitemap XML for SEO - Updated
This script is an updated version of Jie Lie's original SharePoint sitemap generation script - to generate a sitemap xml file for a site collection

Get a list of all available FastSearch crawled properties
This is a script mostly for curiosity purposes to list all the crawled properties available to FastSearch. The output of this script can be used in the input section of the pipelineextensibility.xml file.

Get all workflows in SharePoint 2010
This function will get all workflows in your SharePoint 2010 farm, make sure you run it as an administrator.By default, you get asked to enter a valid path to save the output to.You can also use the function using the -writeToFile parameter set to $false, so you will get the resu

Get count of all SharePoint Lists in a Site Collection


Get count of all SharePoint Webs in a Web Application


Get Crawled Property names for a Document Library
 This script will allow show you the Crawled Property names for a Document Library. Using this information you will be able to create the Crawled and Managed Properties. This will allow you to only have to crawl a site one time before the Managed Properties apply. I found this to

Converts a FAST fixml.gz file to an xml file and lists out decoded acls for a document in the xml file.

The purpose of this script is to check the importanct level for a FAST Managed Property

The purpose of this script is to check the managed property weight for a rank profile

This Advanced PowerShell Function uses the ListTemplates Property of an SPWeb Object to retrieve available SharePoint 2010 List and Library Templates.

Queries SQL for information about data, filestream, and log files for every database in the farm

# Gets the precentage value of fragmentation (%) for the most fragmented index in each SharePoint database in the SharePoint 2010 farm.

Gets important database properties on every database in the farm

How to set Managed Metadata Service Connection Properties using PowerShell
SharePoint 2010 - Setting Managed Metadata Service Connection Properties using PowerShell

Import FAST Keywords and User Contexts to Sharepoint 2010 from CSV
Imports FAST Keywords and User Contexts to SharePoint 2010 from CSV files. This PowerShell script is compatible with CSV files generated by the "Export FAST Keywords and Contexts to CSV" PowerShell script.

Import keywords in CSV to SharePoint 2010
This tool will import SP2007, SP2010 or custom Keyword|BestBet|Synonyms that are already available in CSV format to FS4SP.

Import SharePoint Enterprise Crawler Settings
Import SharePoint Enterprise Crawler Settings to a Service Application. Will import Content Source, Crawl Rule and File Extension settings from an XML file.

InfoPath Forms Services configurations
 This script is to control all InfoPath Forms Services configurations from one location also to see the options which are not shown on Central Admin such as:MemoryCacheSizeAllowViewStateStatusMaxDataConnectionRoundTripViewStateThresholdExemptUserAgents  Also to change the setting

List all SharePoint 2010 boxes in a domain by checking AD Marker
This script can be used to list all the servers has SharePoint 2010 installed. The container in Active Directory needs to be created before SharePoint 2010 deployment.

List all site urls that are still using v3 master page
This is used to show a list of all sites which are not using 2010 (v4) but 2007 (v3) master pages in a SharePoint 2010 farm.

List crawled properties per category
The UI (and cmdlets) only let you investigate the mapping between crawled and managed properties starting from the mapped properties side. When doing, e.g. pipeline extensibility stages, it is very useful to see the mappings starting from the crawled properties side.

List Web Parts from the Web Part Gallery
Following script can be used to iterate through web parts in web part gallery. Script takes Url of your site as a parameter and displays Name, Title, Description, Url and Group for each web part that is in web part gallery. Output from this script can be saved into a file and sha

The purpose of this script is to create/delete crawled properties, managed properties, crawled property catagories, and property mappings. The script will also generate a sample configuration file as a starting point.

This script adds include and exclude crawl rules. The crawl rules are defined in csv files and the script adds the rules to the search applications defined in a deployment xml file

Managing User Profile Service Application permissions using PowerShell
Edit default User Profile Service application permission (NT Authority\Authenticated Users and all authenticated users) in SP 2010 using PowerShell.

Microsoft Project 2010: Powershell Cmdlets for Project Server PSI
Powershell Cmdlets that wrap the Project Server 2010 PSI.

Multiple Environment Deployment using PowerShell
Below is an example of a way to re-create Sites, Libraries, deploy custom code from a Development environment to QA to Staging and finally Production, in a repeatable manner without having to keep multiple versions of PowerShell scripts.

Performs upload of entities for include and/or exclude in property Extraction


PowerShell example to add value for all OOB SPField types in List
I have seen in many post and questions on how to add value of a perticular SPField type to a list. Most of them are quite straight forward but there are still some SPField Types which require a different approach.I have put down mostly all the Field type avilable Out Of Box to a

PowerShell script for monitoring SharePoint WFE's and SQL Server back-ends


Provision Tenants
This script provisions tenants with all associated configuration.

Use the function declared in this script to retrieve search results from SharePoint search via a dynamic web service proxy call to the SharePoint Search Web Service (search.asmx). The function utilizes PowerShell's New-WebServiceProxy cmdlet to dynamically create a web service cl

Read XML config file and maps crawled properties to managed properties.
SYNOPSIS    Read XML config file and maps crawled properties to managed properties.SYNTAX    C:\Temp\TR14\ManagedPropertiesMappings.ps1 [[-file] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]DESCRIPTION    The script reads an XML file and an maps crawled properties to managed properties.    See

Remove Sandbox Mode for Service
This script removes the Sandbox mode for a SharePoint 2010 Service (example: Word Automation Service).It can be helpful when you have issues with a Service which have its worker process running in the sandbox mode (IsSandBoxed: True).The issue in the log can be something like tha



Rename SharePoint Service Application and Proxy
Issue:We have all made spelling mistakes when creating SharePoint Service Applications. Now we don’t have to live with them any longer. SharePoint does not provide a GUI method of renaming service applications. Luckily, this is very simple using the Object Model.Solution:This Pow

Generate a crawl status report for each content source and email the report

Restart all FAST Document Processors
Restarts all FAST Document Processors for Fast Search for SharePoint 2010

Restore and clean up SharePoint versions
Restores a specific version for files in a SharePoint document library, then cleans up (deletes) all other versions.

Running a query (FQL) from the command line
Nothing fancy, but sometimes very useful to be able to launch queries from the command line. The current implementation does FQL, but by setting EnableFQL to 0, it will expect KQL instead.

Script to aggregate recycle bin items


Script to Install SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7
This script automates install of SharePoint 2010 on windows 7, basically follows the MSDN guidance on setting up SharePoint Development Env on Windows 7

Search Farm administration: Start/stop script


Set BrowserFileHandling for Document Libraries in SPWeb (recursion optional)
Changes the SPDocumentLibrary.BrowserFileHandling property for all or specified Document Libraries in a SPWeb, or if specified, recursively to all child SPWeb objects under the specified SPWeb. Automatically produces a CSV report of changes made to SPDocumentLibrary objects.

Set FAST security claims cache cleanup policy
Enable, disable or toggle the cleanup of the FAST claims cache.

Set of functions to view SharePoint list information
A set of three functions to view detailed information for SharePoint lists in a site collection; Get-SPList, Get-SPLists, Get-SPListsByTemplate

The purpose of this script is to set name/value pairs on the farm property bag. Values are read from/stored in an xml configuration file.

The purpose of this script is to check the importanct level and set the importance level for a Managed Property

The purpose of this script is to check the managed property weight for a rank profile and update it

This script reads property names and values from an XML deployment file and sets the appropriate web part properties. Useful for setting the UseDefaultConfiguration property in the refinement panel.

Setting the SPS-EmailOptin attribute on all Profiles
The script will allow you to change the attribute SPS-EmailOptin on all user profiles, this attrubute controls what e-mails your users will get from the SharePoint system.  This script also uses a text file to exclude users from having the attribute changed.

SetUp publishing pages and webparts


This script sets system variables with a flag to signify which environment you are in. This script is used in conjunction with the SharePointServerSetup script and together they help create a mechanism for rapidly developing custom search solutions. Also, this script can be autod

A group of functions that can be used together to create a new Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 site.



SP - Copy wikipage
Copy a wikipage from one wikilibrary to another.

SP - Create wikipage
It took me a while, but finaly I created a script that creates a sp wikipage.

SP2010 PowerShell to create a new User Profile Property
In SharePoint 2010, we can create custom user profile properties using UserProfileManager.Out of the box, to create a new user profile property, go to Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Service Applications > Click User Profile Service Application > Manage U

System Inventory Module
This PowerShell module is used to gather system information about a given computer.

Update alerts by using Windows PowerShell
Windows PowerShell script that

Puts all valid FAST Search for SharePoint crawled properties into pipelineextensibility.xml and optionally deploys itself to the fastsearch/bin directory. The detailed description shows steps to modify the core results web part to display crawled properties on the results page

Web Config Modifications using PowerShell
This script and its data xml file can be used to make modifications to a Web Applications web config file across all SharePoint Servers.

Workaround for Office Web Apps on Domain Controller (DC)
This script will help to get around the issues of Office Web Apps on DC.

XSL to display the raw xml from the refinement panel web part
This is a small piece of XSL to display the raw xml from the refinement panel web part. This is useful during debugging and development of refiners.