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Check-CSUser - Check to see if User has a Communicator or Lync account.
This is a quick and dirty script to be run under the Lync Server Managment Shell. We have a mixed Communicator and Lync environment so I wrote some scripts to help.This checks the account and lets you know if the user is configured for Lync 2010, Office Communicator or neither.

Email Header Parser
Parses Email Header and gives the different hops and the delays between them.

Get OCS Client Version
This script uses the OCS 2007 R2 Resource Kit to query its database and check the user’s version of the client they are using to connect to OCS.

Move-LegacyUserToLync - Move Legacy (Office Communicator) User to Lync
Move-LegacyUserToLync - Move Legacy (Office Communicator) User to LyncThis is a quick and dirty script to be run under the Lync Server Managment Shell. We have a mixed Communicator and Lync environment so I wrote some scripts to help. This moves the Office Communicator user accou

New-LyncUser - Enables a Lync account


PowerProwl - Send push notifications to iOS devices


Powershell Module to send e-mails in powershell 2.0


This script creates the records needed for a small Lync Deployment (excluding Enterprise Voice).

Receive a Notification Whenever Someone Leaves You a Message
Notifies you by e-mail whenever someone leaves you a Skype voice-mail message. To use this script, you need to download and copy the freeware mail utility Blat.exe (http://www.bla

Send HTML Formatted email
Hi, Do you ever want to send an HTML formatted email using powershell.if yes then you can use this script. I am using this scrip very widely in setting up notifications.  The best thing is that we can use this script with any other scripts. More info : http://newdelhipowershellus

Send Mail Module 2.1 for smtp traffic in powershell 2.0


Send-mail function
Send smtp messages via a powershell function.

send-mail function support ssl
This function will send a properly formed smtp message.You can insert this function into your $profile and then you will send mail form powershell commandline.

Send-NetMessage - Net Send / Msg.exe
Being able to send a quick message to someone is always helpful and being able to do it using Powershell is just that much easier.  This script uses MSG.exe to pop up a message on a local or remote computer.  ExamplesSend-NetMessage "This is a test of the emergency broadcast syst



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