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Archive Text Logs to Zip to a different Path
Archive Text Logs to Zip to a different Path

Create objects from tabular data


Daily Event Tracker
Tracking the event and report thro e-mail

Determine size of file on remote computers


Disk Space Monitoring - HTML EMAIL Report
This is a powershell script, which monitors diskspace on bunch of servers and sends email to administrator, i have tested this in lab, you should also first test this in a lab and then deploy in production.

Display all GPRS online sessions


Event Log Monitor Module
This module allows you to define a monitor against an event log on a computer or computers for an EventID or IDs and also defines an action to take on triggering event.

Generate list of failed faxes for Windows Fax server
Generates a list of failed faxes for Windows Fax server and dumps the results as an HTML file that can be viewed by any user regardless of who sent the fax.

Get reliability info
This is helpful for troubleshooting application hangs, errors, failed Windows Updates, and much more.  You can also determine which Windows Updates and applications have been installed recently and their installation results.Example:Get-ReliabilityInfo -Type Microsoft-Windows-Win

List Event Log Properties
Retrieves a list of properties for all the event logs on a computer, except the Security event log. This script requires both Windows PowerShell and the corresponding version of

List Events from the Event Logs
Retrieves events from the Application and System event logs. This script requires both Windows PowerShell and the corresponding version of the .NET Framework. For more informatio

Log file Analyzer
A poor mans log file analyzer - Will highlight keywords (ERROR, Warning, Pass or whatever words)

Login monitoring
Connects to a security log and retrieves successful login events and returns time, user, and type of login

Maintain a text file at a fixed number of lines.
Many of the system log files can become extremely large over a long time period. This script will fix the length to a preset value, removing extra lines from the end of the file. Any unwanted blank lines can also be eliminated if desired. Blank lines can simply be removed by usin

Measure IIS Page/File Performance
Retrospectively measures performance of individual files served by Internet Information Services (IIS)

Monitor for particular event log events on a remote machine
Monitor for particular event log events on a remote machine

The New-TempFile function creates a new temp file in the user's temp directory

Powershell Centralized Log Monitor
Monitors a collection of servers for specified log events, and sends email alerts when it encouters the monitored events.

Monitors print queue usage by retrieving events generated on the print server

PS- Get Event Log information from multiple computers using WMI
This script reads a text file to get list of computers to query. It then uses WMI to query the computers for a specific event from a specific event log. These parameters are configurable from the command line.

Record the start and end times of all scripts run


Record the start and end times of PowerShell Console scripts.


Remove Old SQL Transaction and Backup Files based on file extension
To remove all TRN and BAk files that have been created more than x hours ago from the time it is run.

Search VMware Logs for Errors or other Information Get-VMwareLogs
This script will parse VMware logs for particular search strings.An example in this code is for Memory Controller Errors (where the term MCE is used).You run this on a scheduled task and it will scan the logs and email any matching events.I recommend scanning every 15 mins, then

Split large textfiles into smaller parts


Function to output data into a log file. Options for path, extension and overwrite.