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Administrators and Powerusers on Remote Computers to excel sheet
This script connects to some computers piped from a txt file and outputs the users in the local Administrators and PowerUsers group

I wrote this script to generate random password strings for service accounts of varying length and complexity. If stored somewhere in the system path it can be called from Powershell by using Get-Password with optional parameters.

Local Account Management Module
Version 1.01 released on November 27 2011 IntroductionThis module allows managing local groups and user accounts, local group memberhip and some other useful tasks. It is based on the ADSI interface and some classes written in C# that are also attached.All cmdlets suport the pipl

Local User Management Module


Powershell Add Local Users
This script (when combined with a properly formatted csv and slightly altered script from powershell.nu

Profile Removal GUI 1.3


Set Local User Password
Sets local user password on one or more computers

Set user password on remote or local machines
This script will allow you to set the password for an account on a local or remote machine/s. A report is then generated when done along with an error log.